hay probe
Probe Specifications

- Golf club shank with tee handle

- Cuts 1/2 inch sample core

- Clean out rod provided

- 90 degree cutting edge

hay probe sampling

We have hay probes available and for sale at our office. They are $80.00. Contact us about shipping internationally.

To purchase a hay probe, contact us at (209)333-3337 or stop by the lab.

We accept Discover Card, MasterCard, or Visa over the phone.

All credit/debit cards will be charged an additional 2% fee.

Hay Probe Instructions

Place sample bag on one side of handle for continuous use.

A 1/2 by 15 inch core will cut from each bale quick and easy.


- Dismantling and dumping

- Guessing when it's full

- Expensive cutting edges to replace

- Generators and drills

hay sampling